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Buy an I Can Tie My Shoes board today and get Free Shipping.

Distributed by Cflacy Enterprises, LLC

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I Can Tie My Shoes gives your child a fun learning experience, in a necessary task of life.

Tying Shoes Is about the most complex task a young child can do. With this easy to learn poem children can learn the steps in no time at all.


" Over under... pull me through, Pull not one lace... make it two."

"Make a bunny ear, hold it tight. Around your thumb it goes... Clear out of sight!!"


The weight of the board is sturdy enough not to wiggle, and the laces are long enough to

give room for the kids to even learn to double knot too!!!


The I Can Tie My Shoes practice board is mode of sturdy wood. The laces are secured in the

wood so they do not pose a choking hazard. The practice board is intended for use by children 3 years old and older. Get one for your child or classroom today!!

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